He told me that he missed me a lot and then I don't hear from him. Is he ghosting?

He told me that he had a very bad day at work, but it’s already been 2–3 days. When I finally texted him and said I'll be here if he needs any support, he told me that he’s sorry that he was distant and it’s not reflecting on me at all. He then asked me how I was, and I said I'm good. He then replied good. And another day passed since then. I’m confused and a little hurt. It’d be best for me to move on, right?


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  • So you waited 3 days after he said he had a bad day? Well, it's understandable if he feels a little disappointed by that.

    • He said he might not be his happy self and I asked why. He said just work stuff. The next day I asked him how he was, and he said less sad but more angry. I asked him what made him angry but no reponse. (A day passed) Then I asked him if it's me, and then he said not at all. But I feel something's certainly wrong. A text from a girl you like cannot be ignored. I think I this is the dead end of this..

    • So it does seem like he wanted someone to speak and open up to, but he might have felt you were a little cold. I'm not saying you were, but without seeing the convo i can't say for sure.

      I wouldn't say give up and move on that quickly, but you should certainly tell him how you feel about it. Communication is the key to making relationships work.

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  • Yes, that is definitely ghosting.


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