We text everyday, we know each other well, we are getting coffee on Sunday, is it a date?

We spent six weeks in France together with 30 other students and got along really well. We text everyday so we have kept up with each other. Occasionally we meet up but it has only been in a group setting of 3-4 people. on Sunday we are meeting up for coffee and doing something just the two of us for the first time. Is it a date? I get the sense it's a casual date. As in it's not a date but it could be a springboard into a future one. Opinions?


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  • Definitely a date! I always wanted a coffee date at starbucks or something, so you're lucky :)

    • Ok, so even if we haven't confirmed it as a date. It is? How should I approach it mentally? I was thinking about going in with it just being friends and see where things go

    • Just go in normally but flirt throughout the day. Maybe you'll get a kiss at the end of the night ;-)

    • Sounds good :)

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  • Well, generally, a coffee date is not really an official date. There is a small percentage that could spring into a date, or you might just be a friend.

    • So you think it is just to test the waters?

    • As they say, most women decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not she is going to have sex with him. This could be a test, but she probably has made up her mind.

    • So whichever it is, it is? Sounds good! Well, either way I'm going to have a good time since we are friends.

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  • ask. her.


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  • All aboard the friendzone train! She might like you romantically and she might not. Going for coffee with a friend is not a date, it's 2 friends having coffee. What is a date?
    This is a date: Hi blank, are you free Friday night? I want to take you out for a dinner date.

    No confusion, no bs, straight to the point. Go for coffee with her and if it goes well ask her out on a proper date, if you don't you will end up in the fz.

    • Alright! I had a feeling it might be that. Thanks

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