Help for starting to date a girl with anxiety problems?

So I recently met a girl through work that I really click with. We are both huge nerds, share a lot of interests, get along great and flirt a bunch, and just generally have a good time together. We started texting on daily basis so I tried setting up a date to go out. Initially she said yes but ended up cancelling on me the day of, I could tell she felt really bad and she said that it was just really hard for her b/c of her anxiety.
I'm a very understanding dude, I deal with my own anxiety and low self esteem ona daily basis, so I'm more than willing to be patient with her.
I'm really head of heels for this girl but I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and has advice for moving forward


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  • I use to have anxiety. perhaps let her pick the place and maybe make it a group outting with her friends? Try to set her at ease. The effort, I tell you, means so much.

    • she had picked the place, we were going to see a movie at the cinema we work at but ill try making it a group thing next time

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    • thanks, im hoping things go well too she's one of a kind :)

    • I ship it

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  • Take her bowling, or skating.


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