Is this a waste of time or should I see this through?

So basically I ran into this guy that I have always known from mutual friends. The day we saw each other he actually approached me first. Of course I was excited to see his face & I gave him a big hug and caught up with him for a little bit. I noticed that he was with another female & she was waiting on him. It didn't look like they were like a happy couple or anything because she wasn't dressed up & he wasn't dressed up either so it didn't seem like a real date. I honestly think they were just friends. About 3 days later he finds me on FB. I accepted it & in the moment I felt bold enough to send him a message on FB. To my surprise we started talking & had a great conversation. From that point on I developed a little crush on him. So I reached back out to him again to talk to him. The conversations have been going good again. Basically I have been reaching out to him when I want to talk him. This is pretty much a 1x a week thing. I'm not a girl that likes to talk everyday. 1x is good for me. Now keep in mind it's been about 3 weeks at this point and all of our conversations are on FB messenger. He still hasn't asked for my number and I am listening to the little voice in the back of my mind to not give him my number. I believe he should ask for it if he wants to talk more. It's not that it's something to make a big deal of because we would have been texting anyway but my issue is why not ask for my number since we talk so much and he's sending me a good morning message. I feel like this is all in vain because I think when you have the number it makes things more personal. The guy is super smart, he's very handsome, he stays to himself but he gets out and does his own thing, he has a great job, we have the same values. He's 31 I'm 20, I work full time, very independent, smart, I have a lot to offer. So help me out here should I take it slow and see what happens or should I move on because he's maybe seeing someone and possibly can't get over our age gap between us?


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  • I think the first thing you should do would be to ask him whether he has a girlfriend or not.


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