Should I accept her or reject her?

There is super gorgeous girl in my class, She is 21 years old, she is very insecure, tries to prove herself to me, she changes herself completely so that i start to like her.

But. here is the problem - Before meeting me, she used to tell every guy in the class that she is engaged to some dude, and my friends have seen her coming to college with some dude in a car, that dude used to drop her to college and used to receive her after college, and also she was hugging some guy in the evening outside college.

So , I know that she is involved with someone / few dudes, should I accept her and date her or just reject her?
  • Reject her dude, she is flirting with you even though she is supposedly engaged or involved with some other dude? If she dumps him for you , she will definitely dump you for some other guy. She sounds trouble, let her go.
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  • Women stay with a guy unless they have someone else lined up, maybe she just lost interest in that guy or she is no longer in love with him, I would say date her but don't get attached. See where it goes.
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  • Accept her, she is young 21 years old so she has no life experience, love her and date her.
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  • I always stick to the fact that "If you don't try, you will never know" i guess you could just try and see what is behind all these stories, get to know her, don't get emotional with her just keep your emotions distant, and try to see WHAT SHE IS REALLY UP TO.

    Try to bring out the REAL HER out of her, make it like an experiment ;)

    I would try if i was you.
    Good luck <3

    • HA HA , sure i will..

      Thats what all my friends told me, Give her enough rope to hang and see what happens.
      She will reveal her true character pretty soon.

    • Yes she will ;) you seem like a smart guy, you got this boy, go make me proud LOL!

  • she's engaged and flirting with you... -_-''

  • how many times are you going to ask this question?


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