What's a good valentines present?

I'm bad at getting gifts and she won't tell me what she wants 😂


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  • Just look at her, listen what she's saying and pay attention to the little hints. She'll probably help you subconsciously


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  • Either roses and chocolate that are classic.
    A spa for two (this was a gift my boyfriend made me last year and I LOVED IT)
    An album with pictures of you two together or a simple frame
    A lovely Teddy Bear :)
    JUST BE THERE FOR HER and i am sure she'll be happy ;)

  • New makeup set. Preferably: cat von 'shade and light' eyeshadow palette. + Laura Mercier translucent powder + spice liner by mac.

    But be careful as you'll be very broke after u buy these things 😹😹😹 but she'll love them for sure ♡

    • Thank me later boy

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