Signs he's just shy vs don't like me?

When he's around he always seem to be looking at me. But he doesn't smile, just no expression. So I always think maybe it's just a coincidence.
He looks at me for even longer when I'm with my group of friends. All guys just 1 other girl.
So can you give me signs to look for that he's either just shy or just don't like me?


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  • So... i personally have this problem with this crush of mine but i would definitely give you some tips:
    1. If his pupils dilute when he looks at you (it could be pretty hard to see) so, i do not advise
    2. When he and you are sitting down, does his feet point towards you
    3. If you and him are doing some discussions he may lean towards you
    4. When he walks near you he might fix his shirt or does his hair
    5. He might flirt with his one girl in particular to make you jealous (if he is trying to make you jealous, then he would usually look at you while he is flirting with that girl), but if he is not into you, he may not even look at you and will flirt with her all the time and maybe he even likes her.
    I believe you saw some lyric pranks, you can try doing that on him and see his reaction, i advise the songs " into you" or "treat you better" Or you can just ask him out if you are prepared, most direct way, if he rejects, he just isn't into you (after rejection, you can tel him its a joke or something just so that you make him think that it isn't true and so that you dont embarrass yourself when you see him again


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