At home I question if I like my girlfriend or not but when we are together I like her a lot. What should I do?

I used to really like her and be really worried she didn't like me back. Now after I know that she likes me and it has been a month and I am starting to question weather I like her or not. We see each other every day in high school and on the weekend. I am not sure but maybe I need some space? Sometimes I compare her to other girls. I am not sure why I am feeling like this but in person I really like her. Its only when I'm away I start questioning if I like her or not. What somewhat bothers me is that sometimes she smells odd. Should I give this some time and see where my feelings go, or discuss my feelings with her, or break up? This is my first time in a relationship.

  • stay in relation and see where my feelings go.
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  • break up with her.
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  • tell her the way I feel.
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  • take some space and see what happens
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  • That's what happens when you put someone on a pedestal; you make up this perfect image of them in your head, but the second you have them you realize that your expectations of them were too high and you begin to wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere. Let me tell you: it ain't. You'll likely feel the same way even if you get with another girl.

    However if you're comparing her constantly and have to constantly question your feelings for her, you're better off saving her the heartache and just breaking it off. Otherwise wait it out and stop overthinking things.

  • lol did you lie about your age?


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