Is it okay to start talking and later maybe dating an ex's friend (more of an acquintance)? Read for more?

Me and my ex had a long distance relationship, so when we started talking we didn't meet in person for a long time.

In the very begining of me and my ex talking, i cut off contact with him, and in the mean time a friend of his, which is not a very close friend, it's just a person my ex knows through my cousin, had told my cousin that he would like to date me and that he doesn't care about my past with my ex, but i refused.

Later, me and my (now) ex got together, tried a relationship for two months but it didn't work.

Now, i was thinking that i have lost a good chance with that "friend" of his, and even though it sounds stupid to me to even say it, i still find myself thinking of maybe it isn't that bad contacting him.

What do you think guys?


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  • it is okay


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