For now I still want a dominant figure for a guy?

In lebanon usually men are seen as the providor and head of the family. You find women here to be a bit spoiled in some ways I have to admit.
Now I noticed for a while now that I need a sort off authoritarian partner and I need him to be quite doninant. Like I prefer him to lead on and so...
Buuuut I know that s not great haha and I am trying to wire myself to not think that way anymore. It won t do me any good to be dependant in some way. So I keep teaching myself the cons and all haha.
So sort off the question here is the critic.
Who can relate? Who a for? Who is against? And why?
Thanks in advance haha✌


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  • Why on earth would you want to wire yourself to not want a strong dominant partner? It's kind of what we as men as there for at least that is what and how we were intended to be.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting an assertive, dominant and strong partner who's a leader in a relationship. any woman worth her salt wants that, no one wants a sissy or a pansy.

    And if your worried about a dominant guy being a douche I can assure you there are plenty of dominant but kind and respectful men still in the world.

    And we as men are inherently wired to act that way to be leaders, strong, dominant etc.

    So I'm for it, it's the natural of things and it is how I was raised no issues with being the leader in a relationship or spoiling my girl to a degree.


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  • Why are you trying to wire yourself from your natural biology?


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