For those who is using or used OKCupid, what is sex-driven mean? Should I avoid those guys?

I found my Tinder date on Bumble, and OKCupid, and Clover. We have a nice thing going on for three months, but we are no exclusive so I dont care that he is still using apps. But I saw on his OKCupid account the personality trait is "Sex-driven" what does that mean? I recently downloaded OKCupid as I deleted Tinder and Bumble (because I am out of match offers) and wanted to give it a try and first thing I bumped him and saw his two-sentence-same photo profile. What do you think it is? Is it something to avoid? He is also totally not like the personality the OKCupid says like.


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  • should be self-explanatory.

    since it wasn't for you, it means they are driven by sex. sex being a motivator.

    • SO does that mean they are willing to stay in a relationship if sex is good and present?

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    • But sex improves over time. If sex is bad for the first couple times or mediocre, would they be willing to continue or off to other people given that it is hard to find dates for men, online, as men claim (idk if true)

    • don't take the whole "sex-driven" thing too seriously. but I'm sure as long as you're willing, that is what counts more than being good right from the start.

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  • I have no idea what that means exactly, but it surely sounds sort of creepy.

    • I personally have that as a trait on okcupid. It does sound kind of bad but I just enjoy sex a lot. I've been married 10 years and me and my wife talked about having an open relationship. I won't lie I had one bad night in those ten years where I went halfway with someone else. I wouldn't be to shy about the trait unless you don't like having sex a couple times a week. Other than frequency i answered questions about kinky stuff as open to it nothing crazy.

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