So my fiance and I have been together for a year and a half but she was sleeping in bed with her ex during the first 3 months including my birthday?

The night before my birthday is according to her the last time they slept in bed together she says they didn't have sex and were broken up for 2 months before that and she moved 2 days after but I don't believe her am I wrong and now she only told me because she found out I bought her the ring she cried and told me she had things to tell me and I promised her I it would be OK she wrote me a letter and emailed it to me I think her and her ex broke up on my birthday or the night before and she continued to have sex with him though the first month's of us being together


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  • Well the beginning of your relationship was based on a lie it's up to you if you felt like you've grown and want a happy future with each other.


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