Ladies have you ever rejected a guy because you knew friends or family would disapprove/criticize you for being with him?

Ladies... Has an ugly guy ever liked you but he was really nice/sweet/funny/great body or whatever.
Maybe he was rich but ugly, whatever the case is, he's ugly...

((When I say ugly I mean he doesn't have a handsome face or whatever.))

okay well have you ever rejected a guy based on what his face looks like only?

((Be honest)) because honestly I have... I mean girls have gave me the green light but I've rejected because she might've been over weight with a great face, or my friends thought I was being stupid or desperate... Or they just straight out told me "you can do better bro don't chase that."

these girls probably could've helped me in areas of my life that I need to work on for my personal growth.🤔

Hahaha😅 (rambling) my bad🙈🙉🙊

Anyway, please vote. Thank you 🙇🏽
  • No I never cared what others thought about the people I date
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  • I often worry about what others think about the guys I'm into
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  • If my family thinks he's ugly I'll reject him
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  • If my friends thinks he's ugly I'll reject him
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  • If he makes me happy I don't care what anyone thinks.
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What Girls Said 2

  • "okay well have you ever rejected a guy based on what his face looks like only?"
    If I think he's ugly I'm not going to date him. It's normal to want some level of attraction to your partner. That being said, I've dated guys that my friends or family have said "why are interested in him (physically)?" and I really don't care what they think. If I find them attractive that's really all that matters.

    • I've had a friend who criticized and insulted a girl I once thought was nice and cool but because he's so popular nice and cool to me... I denied her... That's a regret... I guess I did it cuz we usually like the same type of girls, (in looks) but I often think we have a different choice in personalities lol

  • I've been with guys my friends and sister considered ugly. I've also considered their boyfriends unattractive. Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Now imagine if every time I thought some guy was hot my best friend agreed on that? I don't think we would could remain friends for a long time :D


What Guys Said 1

  • that shit is real here in korea.. iv lost a few good girls because their parents went fucking insane because im not korean


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