If your male friend, aged 17-19 went out with a girl 7-8 years older than him, what would you think?

Also if you were around 18 male dating a 26 y/o chick, would you find it weird?


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  • I was 18 with a 25 year old, some people thought it was strange and other's didn't bat an eyelash. I think it would be the same for opposite genders. Everything's cool as long as both party's are legal.


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  • The question is why would the girl do that?

    I have a friend who is married to a Japanese girl he met in college. Her sister was a few years older, late 20's at the time, and still lived in Japan. She had decided that she was never going to get married. So, she would take trips to the US and find 18-21 year old boys to have sex with while she was here, then go home. She would have one of these sex tours about every 6 months.

    • The girl actually found it odd at first but the guy talked her into it.

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