Is this shady or am I just overreacting?

My girlfriend goes to school and lives 2 hours away from me and yesterday when I called her to see how she was feeling she picked up and was really awkward, she doesn't have caller ID so she didn't know it was me. She said I'm studying with someone so I knew it was a guy right away. I found it odd now she did say she was studying with a group. Later on in the night she told
Me her group bailed and it was just her and some guy. I'm not the jealous type but why not just say that you're studying with a guy? Doesn't trying to hide it make look suspicious? She messages me after I called and said sorry I was going over lecture notes with someone from class, she caught on that I was suspicious so that's the only reason I figure she told me about it later, why not just say it right outta the gate though? Is this shay and do I have a right to be upset?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Because she probably thought you'd be mad about it and was trying to avoid having fight over it

    • That's not my
      Style though I'm not the jealous type whatsoever and she knows that

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What Girls Said 4

  • She surely was thinking you'd get jealous / mad / worry / didn't wanted her to study alone with a guy or she was cheating. (even if I wouldn't jump to conclusion)

  • It is shady, and that's why she may not have initially been upfront and seemed awkward about it , because she knows how it would " look" to you. Even though it's all in innocence.

    If this happens consistently then I wouldn't trust her. I'd expect her to be honest and open with you the next time. If not, then you have cause to be concerned. Use your own perception and judgment of her and the situation. If something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't

    This has nothing to do with jealously on your part... It's to do with relationship boundaries, and respect for you. I'm not an I insecure or jealous person, but I wouldn't tolerate anyone crossing my boundaries. So really it depends in the boundaries you set for yourself too. What you accept, will continue

  • maybe talk to her about if you feel like you need to? but other than that it's up to yo hand how you feel

    • She said she thought it wasn't relevant, and it's not like
      I grilled her about it, I felt she was awkward and all she had to say was my group bailed its just me and this guy studying, wouldn't have cared, it's the fact that she was seemingly secretive about it that bothered me

  • It just seems like you're a little insecure.

    • Or I just value honesty? I thought openness was a fundamental of a relationship but I could be wrong.

What Guys Said 2

  • It's like one of those problems in math where you don't have enough info.

    It could be shady, but maybe she didn't feel it was necessary to tell you the difference.

    I'd say it's more shady than not, though.

  • Just try to sit down with her and talk about it. Make sure both of you are as honest as possible


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