Guys, is he still interested based on his texting habits?

I hate to be this girl, but I have to ask anyway.

I've known this guy for a few weeks, and we've hit it off rather well. In the first week or so, he was texting back and forth throughout each day with no problem. Lately, that hasn't been the case. He takes a while to respond, hours even, yet he still is texting here and there. He asks how I'm feeling and how I'm doing and jokes around sometimes. He has mentioned not wanting to go too fast with things this past week as well.

I guess I want to know if you think he's still interested based on these details. I could share more, but then I'd be writing a book.


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  • I guess he's busy dear. but no need to worry

    • I thought of that, but wasn't sure. Thanks.

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    • you have to build your own courage.

    • thank you!

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  • He's losing interest

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