Catching feelings for someone else while I'm in a long distance relationship?

Okay so I'm in a long distance relationship, and we have been together for 9 months. About 3 months into our dating, she had to move, but keep in mind we are very young (only 14) so I can't go take a trip and visit this girl whenever I want. Unfortunately, I only get to see her about 1-4 times a month which really sucks because i care about her so much and I really love her and spending time with her and I hate that I can't be with her more. Additionally, this girl I always found cute and I started talking recently. She's really sweet and funny and I'm starting to find that I'm catching feelings for her. This in no way means I'm losing feelings for my current girlfriend who I care for greatly, but as I found it difficult to manage long distance relationships on its own, this new girl is making me question a lot of things. How should I handle the situation (keeping in mind that I'm pretty sure this new girl does not have any feelings towards me other than a good friendship)?


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  • just decide which one you want

    • There's a lot of variables that complicate what seems like an easy solution. First of all, I doubt the new girl has feelings for me, second, I really care about my current girlfriend but the distance is just hard to deal with, but the relationship itself is great.

    • If you really love her don't care the distance

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  • if you are "catching feelings" for this other girl than you probably dont really love your current girlfriend as much as you believe you do. you're young and its gonna take you time to discover what love really feels like
    im not gonna say break up with your girlfriend, but dont stay with her just cause you care for her

    • I don't know man, I'm not gonna claim to be an expert on this kinda stuff but whenever I do get to spend time with her it's amazing. The distance just makes it feel like I don't even have a girlfriend half the time :/

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    • So what actions do you think I should take?

    • its hard to say without knowing everything
      if you are committed to making things work with your girlfriend then go for it otherwise it might be best to end it now before either of you get more attached

  • first of all, you need to know if its worth to start a relationship with your new girl. and than you need to balance both sides and see which one you're happier

    • I'm not even convinced I have a chance with the new girl, she's really funny and sweet and I don't think she has feelings for me (or at least not to my extent of knowledge)

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    • thanks!

    • you're welcome. if you need anything, you can ask me.

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