Should I ask this?

So I wanna send this to a girl I think is a friend but we made out a few weeks back...

"I'm just curious so I don't overstep anything... where do we stand in this "relationship" I use the term loosely because friendship is still a relationship. I just don't wanna make sexual references or anything if it's not like that lol "

What do you think?


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  • The sexual references stuff is off putting and the "relationship" line is awkward. The whole thing is a bit lame in my opinion. If you want to see her again, just keep it simple:

    Just say: "Hey, how are you? Would you like to go on a date or hang out again?"

    Afterall all you did was make out but if you like her and would like to date her, you will need to go about it a little bit differently I think.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds really awkward, needy and clingy mate. Just hit her up to come and hang out with you, and casually ask if she'd like to come out for lunch/dinner/movies. Give it time and invest your energy and attention while letting it naturally progress. Good luck!


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  • As a women totally too pushy all guys have done this at one point because you need to clairify in your head well girls are wired to feel men to solve so if i were you ask her to hang out, listen closely to her voice, if she is far away or touches you, if she sais anything about being confused or problems in her life.. she is not resdy. if she talks about stuff she wants to do in future or even plans or gets involved actually lets you have the spotlight she is game


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