Best friend confessed that he loves me, after he turned me down years ago?

TL:DR at the bottom.

I met this guy 4 years ago through an online game. We became good friends both online and in our daily lives. Basically he became one of my best friends. 3 years ago I fell in love with him and confessed my love for him only to be turned down. Made some distance to get over my feelings for him. Eventually we could be friends again, but this feeling always stayed in the background. We both gotten into relationships over the years and now I'm single again (he's still in a relationship).

Suddenly a few days ago he confessed that he loves me. That said he's still in a relationship. Am conflicted in my feelings. Yes there is still a part of me that loves him, but at the same time I can't see him as anything other than a best friend. Also he's still in a relationship.

Just don't know how to face him and what to do.

---'TL:DR ---
Used to have a crush on my best friend and he turned me down when I confessed. 3 years later, which is now, he confessed he loves me, but is still in a relationship with his girlfriend (still have some feelings for him). Don't know what to do.


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  • You can't say yes to him now.. the reasons are many..
    Firstly, he never saw u as anything. ore than a friend..
    Secondly, u don't even know why did he propose u after three long years of turning down ur proposal..
    Third point, He might b having a troubled existing relationship and then he might hv realized he likes u.. but there's a difference between like n love.. which clearly he is in no state to identify and analyze.
    Fourthly, you should actually concentrate on other things.. it's hard to move on.. but accepting his proposal may land u in more trouble.. coz he seems to b in a mess.


    • I wasn't planning to accept it. It's just that I have mixed feelings about it.

      He wasn't turning me down for 3 whole years. I said it once 3 years ago and I moved on. At the end of that year I met my ex and had a relationship with my for 2 years (ex cheated so I left the relationship).

      The reason why I confessed back then was because I thought it was mutual. That was also the reason why I needed space after he turned me down.

      It happened after someone thought we were in a relationship together. I dismissed it thoroughly. When I told him that someone thought that he said without thinking "if only I was lucky to be in a relationship with you". Few days after that he confessed.

      He did have problems with his girlfriend, but he told me once he couldn't live without her so he tried to make it work.

  • hm, well let's evaluate your feelings here. You say you used to love your best mate but now you can only see him as a best mate. The love feeling always remained somewhat!

    Hm, well what exactly did he say changed his mind about why he's in love with you now? It's one thing to say let's give it a shot, but you say he confesses his LOVE, so what triggered these deep feelings 3years later?


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