Why does it seem like every girl in college is taken?

Like you think about talk to them then you see them texting someone constantly during class and it's dejecting cause most likely it's her boyfriend



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  • How are you so certain that they are texting their boyfriend? They might be texting their female friends for all you know...


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  • Its a quantity over quality thing... trust me on that. Go for the exchange students or quirky type of girls. Off the beaten path... you'll get treated better.

    • Dude I haven't seen any that were single

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    • Yeah I plan to

    • I went to Ohio State, and I know it was common for the JC people at Columbus State to form groups of each other with whomever was transferring to the same school. The ones who came to OSU from CS usually knew each other. Find a message board/group there that's transferring to the same place as you. That's one way to get your foot in the door with something in common.

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