What is going on? Why does he stare at me when I'm not looking? Why did he stare when the preacher was preaching? What does he want from me?

There is this guy at church. He is in the choir. He stared at me once and didn't look away until someone said something to me. When we did a duet... he said we could use microphones on opposite sides of the church and gaze into each other's eyes from across the room. He compliments me every time I sing a solo and sometimes compliments my clothes. Sometimes when he is talking to me he can't look me in the eyes and he looks around like he's nervous. When he was talking to someone else across the room... he kept glancing at me. When he noticed I noticed... he angled his body to face me even though he was talking to the other person. I gave him my number in a Christmas card. If I look at him and smile sometimes he smiles... sometimes he jaw drops. Sometimes when he first sees me he jaw drops. He was at church Sunday night and when the preacher was preaching... I saw the boy look over at me and stare out of the corner of my eye. I was thinking... the preacher might be seeing this. Is he seeing this? Shouldn't he be looking at him? When we came out of the church... he was behind me and to my right. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and he was staring with his mouth open. I turned and we ended up talking for a little bit. He asked if I was busy. I said no... not really I just crochet. Then he kept asking questions about it. What am I making? Who am I making it for? What color is it? Then he said he had to go to the bathroom and I told him to have a good week. He said you too with his eyebrows raised. He never said anything about why he wanted to know all that. He didn't ask me to do anything with him. I already gave him my number... I smile at him... what does he want from me? He should say something if he likes me. I'm shy and I don't have much experience. Help?


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  • he probably really likes you but is just too shy to take it any further, try giving him some signs that your interested in him to sort of help him along :))

    • I smiled at him and gave him my number in a card. I'm shy too. I feel like I don't know what to say to him or how to help him. I don't want to scare him. He walked in to choir. I was sitting at the front in my chair and his mouth dropped open when he saw me. I was sitting there thinking I must have the biggest question mark above my head. I don't really know how to flirt and I have short hair... so hair flipping is out.

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  • Maybe he actually considers you pretty, that's why he stares at you. When did you give him your number?

    • On Christmas... in a Christmas card.

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