What do girls think of an attractive guy who's always by himself and barely have or no friends at all?

What do you girls think a guy who's like a 9 or a 10(based on my girl friends opinion) who literally is always out by himself. I always notice everyone always stare at this friend of mine when he goes out anywhere. Even when we go out somewhere to chill, there's always someone staring at him. It's pretty scary at times where I'm here like "But girls... I'm over here too. T__T". lol

Hate to admit it but he's a pretty boy. He has the look but he's just skinny-fat (belly). Always told him he could be a model if he just works out but he just doesn't care/not interested. He's always with his video games everytime after work. His personality is pretty normal from all these years we've been friends. Jokes around, never serious, pretty cool-headed. Never seen him pissed off once. Wouldn't consider him "shy" although I could see why people would think so. I guess he's a bit quiet but it isn't that bad. Only thing is he always likes being by himself to the extent of lying to everyone so he could NOT go out anywhere unless if it's urgent or really bored. Wouldn't call him anti-social but I guess he is?

What do you girls think of this kind of guy? Would you girls even go out/date or even consider this kind of guy long-term or does this guy just has to change?


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  • He sounds like every other guy now-a-days. Loner and obsessed with video games.

    On a serious not though, everyone could use friends and social interaction. Most of the time when someone is a loner, there is a reason behind it. He could dislike people, had too many bad experiences with other people, or he's a serial killer in the making. HAHAHA.

    • He might be. You never know. RIP me. haha

      Asked him once why he never bothered making new friends and he said he has trust issues. He tried but he's just not lucky with people. They always backstab him and in the end, he just never bothered anymore. His interactions are more like "Hi and bye" nowadays except me where he's pretty normal. It sucks but some people are just unlucky. =/

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  • Why would they not want to? I'm actually kinda like him. Many girls tell me I'm attractive and yet I don't really hang out with anyone

    • From what I've heard from strangers to my own circle of friends, they would but it's pretty intimidating. It's like that really pretty girl you're too scared to talk to. In the end, you just move on. I guess it's the same with girls.

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