Should I text the noncommittal guy I cut off and do you think he'll answer?

Hey guys, so earlier this year, I stopped seeing a guy because he didn't "date" but I was really attracted to him and we had great chemistry. I see him once in a while on campus and he avoids eye contact, which makes me sad, and I'm kind of tempted to reach out to him. At the time, he was the first guy I hooked up with after my previous relationship and I didn't know what to expect so I got out before I could get hurt. Now, I miss him and wouldn't mind the casual dating right now, I'm in college and honestly don't want anything serious for the moment. I just miss hanging out with him. Should I text him? If so, do you think he'd answer? The ball was in my court when we last left off.


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  • No you shouldn't.

    • I know it's probably just because I feel lonely and want something rather than nothing, but I've never been the girl to just hook up which is why I ended things with him. I feel like all guys are taken or they don't want anything serious, and I feel like I have to change my values now. Why do you say I shouldn't? I'd like to hear your opinion :)

  • No don't


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