Addicted to the idea of being in love?

In the past, I have been infatuated with guys (one at a time) and when they treated me badly, I felt like I literally could not walk away. It was like an addiction. It would take many painful experiences and so much grieving to move on. I wouldn't fully move on until I found someone else who gave me hope and then the cycle would repeat.

This last time was the worst but I finally broke the cycle and I moved on without latching on to someone else.

Now, I'm still afraid to have feelings for anyone because I don't want to lose myself again. I feel I have learned my lesson but, if I'm wrong, I won't find out till it happens again.

Is it possible to grow out of that kind of behavior?


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  • You have to be the one showing yourself what's love, what's respect and how do you wanna be treated. You have to reach the type of self love that won't allow you to accept less than what you deserve. You're scared to be alone and because of that love won't be or feel right until you fix that issue within yourself.


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