Is it possible a sexually insecure guy would not further something with a female out of potential embarrassment or failure so he avoids her?

Like say there this this really hot chick, she gets plenty of attention from men, and she's into a guy who doesn't get female attention and is more nerdy and not experienced sexually... is it possible he will try to avoid being sexual with her in fear of failing or being embarrassed if it doesn't go well? Or out of nerves? So he avoids her and the situation altogether?
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What Guys Said 2

  • yes this could happen.

  • LOL, this is another one of those ''is he just intimidated by me?'' questions slightly rephrased. He's probably just not that into you. Regardless of whether he's a nerd or inexperienced, he's still a man and if he was really into you, you'd know it.

    • I don't think you know the question in context

What Girls Said 1

  • depends. could be. but could be he's just not into her. quiet people are not necessarily insecure. often it comes from great self composure and lack of neediness. just bc she's a lot of guys taste, doesn't mean she's his taste. same goes for women.

    • I'm not talking about quiet people. I'm talking specifically insecure and inexperienced

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