When I message girls on Facebook I'm interested in and want to get to know what am I doing wrong?

I'm in a few Facebook groups with the members all living near me. The groups are for wildlife photography and all members like both.

Im trying to make friends with some people, but also meet single girls because we have the same interests and I don't have to go far to meet them, and exploring the area with someone and take photos can be fun.

I messaged a few girls to start a conversation, some I asked for help with my camera, others who were beginners at it I commented on some photos I liked and asked them what they think is their best photograph. The conversations all went great and some girls added me on Facebook.

Then I started to ask what state parks in the area they visit to see the wildlife, and one day when it's nice would they be up to meet and we could bring our cameras to take photos. This was after she said "amazing photos" to me.

Every girl either blocked me, or stopped talking to me in PM. It stopped abruptly and they stopped commenting on my Facebook posts too but some are still on my friend list. I know they are single but they respond to other guys posts.

Call me crazy, but how am I supposed to meet anyone if they refuse to actually meet up? I didn't think I was pushy, but being they are single I was hinting I do like them and also our hobby requires to go out and explore so I thought that's a nice icebreaker, but never said anything too forward I don't think?

Why can't I like a girl and eventually meet her? Am I wording it wrong, or do all these girls not find me attractive and ignore me knowing I like them?


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  • Depends if she is interested too

    • Whether or not she is interested, why would a girl block me or refuse to PM, but still stay FB friends? I don't get that part.

      If it's because none are interested in me, than I have shit luck cause all I get is rejection.

    • Seems like she is confused.

    • 15 girls in one week are confused I don't think

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