How to face a guy who has rejected me?

I developed liking for my colleague in the last 2 months. I used to glance at him but never said a word to him. Probably he got hinted about my emotional attachment. Sometimes I would put a chocolate on his desk, and even gave him a little keychain.

That day when he was silent, I asked him what was wrong and was he ok? He burst out on me and used very harsh words as I quote:

"Even if I am quiet, why should I tell you (As what I sense, you are nobody to me)? You never ask this from another colleague of ours. Don't waste your time in thinking/analyszing about me. And why do you keep on staring at me? I am not interested in what you are (As what indirectly it meant: Get lost). think about your future life (As what I sense, go get a life so that your desperation gets eliminated). You come here to work, so work." I was shocked as I had not abused him in any way. I only asked him why he was down, in courtesy.

I feel terrible now. And I have gone too scared of him. He literally slapped on my face that perhaps I did not deserve. Even if he never liked me, he could have rejected me in a courteous way with respect. The problem is, we work together. And I have to face him daily. I feel so ashamed for how much he has insulted me. I have stopped looking at him and greeting him.


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  • Just be polite


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