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Sooooo I've been talking to this boy who I had (yes, past-term) a crush on him but... later on I started to have another crush with some other guy I met BEFORE the guy I'm dating now. My problem is, the guy I'm dating wants to start a long term relationship which I'm not prepared for, due to some trust issues... and of course I told him that I am not prepared, but, should I tell him about my feelings for the other guy? I mean, it's just a simple crush. The guy which I developed the silly crush, have been lately talking to me a lot, always trying to invite me to eat lunch and stuff but I'm always declining him because I am dating another guy (duh). But we have some chemistry, we are always talking about weird stuff and getting to know and understand each other a lot. That's the part that worries me, you see, the guy I'm dating is soo different from me and he doesn't quite understand my taste for things, like, the ONLY thing we have in common is that we are both addicted to chocolate. At first, it was no big deal for us to be soo different but lately? It has been kinda of an issue. I don't know, should I take some me-time? Because I feel silly thinking about this. It's rather stupid, but I do need your opinion on this.


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  • Maybe give him some space


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