Girls, Can women always tell when a guy is into them or checking them out?

I like a few girls but I'm not sure if they would ever like me back. I get the sixth sense feeling that they can tell that I am into them or that I am checking them out but I can't be too sure... My question is, do you ladies always know this? Can they always tell when you're checking them out or when you have a crush on them or something?
  • Yes women ((always)) know when you're into them.
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  • Women ((sometimes)) know when you're into them
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  • It shouldn't matter, don't be afraid to speak! They'll either say yes or no but you won't die
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Into and checking out are two different things. But yes you can feel the eyes staring.

    • Very nice hand stand on your profile pic, you make it look effortless, must be in gymnastics or you've been playing around like they since you were a little girl and you've perfected it by now

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    • I don't know how editorial sexy you are/ but the way I see it is... If your coming home getting naked for me every night and letting me put my hands anywhere on your body... I really wouldn't care who saw your breast or whatever's. I'd already know my signature is all over your body and Its mine whenever I want it sooo who cares lol. As long as it's not on camera or tv I'm good... lol I'm sure you've seen guys penisis on accident and even purpose and I'm sure he's seen some things to.. My rules is you can look but don't touch

    • But as far as your yoga and acrobat skills, you're a very talented woman

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What Girls Said 3

  • When they check out yes. Quite obvious

    But into them? Nah

  • Not always.. my mom says I never notice

    • My friends say I never notice either

  • Yeah.


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