Is it ever ok to hookup with a friend's previous hookup?

Long story short I've been friends with this guy for 8 years. He met one of my friends obviously through me. They ended up hooking up a max of about 5 times but she's still stuck on her ex so he broke it off with her. So i had a really rough break up and various issues so he offers to take me downtown as friends to get my mind off things and ended up finding out we kinda have a connection and found ourselves fooling around. So i try to be honest about the situation with my friend who i feel is completely overreacting. What do you guys think?


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  • Be honest with your friend and ask her if she'd be okay with it.

    • She's definitely not okay with it.

    • I would ask her why she isn't okay if she no longer has feelings for him, potentially she's not okay with it because HE was the one to break it off. So its kind of embarrassing for her

  • If you're content with your friends sloppy seconds, by all means.


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