Why my Ex making jokes about me being with other women and acting jealous?

Ok last night she was venting and on the phone she said how she hates her job, school, bills, how me and her aren't together (which confused me) she dumped me. Today we hung out and she been touching me playing with my hair basically annoying me lol and sharing her food with me and then she keep telling me pull. my shirt off and go have sex with a random chick she points out and to go make her money and give to her (pimping me out). When we walked she wrap her arm around or like put her hand in my jacket pocket where my hand was. And when I was in the car with her grabbed her thighs and she said don't touch me I don't know what you be doing now and I said that's my thing now and she got like serious like "what girls you be messing with vibe". She saying things like I'm her and w/e and that she ain't nobody property. I was like nah you was mines and she said psh I was never yours I lowkey said oh wow and then she got upset thinking she hurt my feelings and she kept bringing it up wondering if she did. I'm confused as to what she wants


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  • She might not be over you

    • Shat do I do next?

    • well if she's your ex, just tell her you moved on

    • I still want to be with her but she wants to stay friends. We've had sex like 4 times but it'd weird when I bring it up

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