Should I keep talking to him?

I matched with this guy on Tinder. After a quick but nice convo, he asked for my #, I gave it to him and we have a really awesone convo, really honest, we I live, a small town it could be considered 8/10 we even were trying to coordinate our agendas so we could meet but I was full, meetings, gym.. bla bla.

Next day he texted me and asked me if I was available on Friday and I said "nop", later after I was leaving the gym I asked him how he was and he told me that busy with a meeting and I told him we would talk later he said yes.

When I got home a few hours later I texted him something like "hey, what are you up to? Wanna talk tonight" (we can't during the day because of our jobs) he never replied, that was on Wednesday.. Few hours ago he text me asking how I was and now how was traffic?

Isn't it weird after a day and half after he never replied my message to talk me like nothing happened?


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  • A little weird but if it just happen once then there could be good reason and id prolly just let it go. If it happens again then I wouldn't waste time talking to someone anymore


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  • He has probably heard that women like it when guys play it off as a little indifferent. I believe he is playing games.


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