Want to ask this girl out, but i'm not sure if I should?

to give some context, i've recently got out of a relationship, it didn't last too long and i'm more or less over her now, but i'm at a crossroads, i've been considering asking this girl out who i dated once about a year ago, we've both seen each other since, hung out together, it stopped after one date because she had herself just gotten out of a relationship at that time and wasn't ready for anything like that, it's been about a year and we're on fairly cordial terms, there are a few pathways i could go take from here, other girls i could ask out, or just chill for a while, but i think i want to ask her out, my quest is, should i? has it been too long, or is it a case of if it doesn't work don't go back to trying it. it's not like we didn't get along, she just wasn't ready at the time, what would you do?
just a quick update, we got talking last night and we're going out on Monday, thanks to all for the advice, really helpful


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  • I can empathize with your situation right now aha! In my opinion, if you feel like you're ready to ask her out, you totally should! Just make sure that she's ready as well. As long as you're careful to not force her into something.

    • i never do haha, if anything i'm too slow, thanks for your opinion, it means a lot. if i might ask, what's your situation?

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    • give it another week then swoop in for the kill, it's likely he'll get back into the dating game around then, so be the first girl on his radar (just play it how you usually do)

    • Aha thanks for your advice!

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  • Well make sure that it is *exactly* because of she wasn't ready for it and not because it was a nice way to reject you. Well that's my paranoia speaking haha. But yea.
    If it is because she wasn't ready at that time, then go for it. Ask her out 😇

  • I think you should ask her out again hangout and see where it goes from there:)


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