What could be her intentions?

I had the worst falling out with this girl when she went through my phone and used it against me for talking to other women when for 3 years she kept saying she did not want to date me or commit to me. I cut her out in April after that when she slapped me in the face by actually dating someone else a few months after going through my phone. before I cut her off she kept trying to find out if I was seeing someone new which also made me feel like she wanted me back. So it hurt that she ended up finally committing to someone else when for 3 years she had excuses like religion, school, or her health. Now 8 months later i believe she made a fake fb account pretending to be someone else but asked me questions about herself and tell me negative stuff about herself. I responded by saying she took advantage of my love for her. She has a boyfriend now by the way. Why would she do this? I cut her out in April. It's been about 3 months now and nothing else has happened. Why did she do this? I am pretty sure it was her because she does not have fb and I never met any of her friends for any of them to know me. Plus this person mentioned a specific thing she did with me as well.

Not a day has passed where I haven't thought of her.


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  • you keep saying" committing" do you mean fucking?

    Did she never fuck you in 3 years and then fucked some guy in a week?

    • No I mean actual commitment. When we were seeing each other she did not want to put a label on things

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