24 and no friends?

I have people i hang out with but they all smoke pot and i haven't known them that long, like two years. They are not my friends. I dont have true friends, i grew up in an unstable household and had a tough childhood, i dont share my feelings with anyone. Yesterday i was chilling with my flow and he asked who are ur friends? I said i have no, he thought it was strange cause he has a group of friends he has known for 10 years and even more, he s 21. I felt a bit bitter and jealous... I never got that... Am i strange?


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  • Na some of us just don't have true friends. I have long time friends and close friends. With the close friends I talk to them about things that I would never talk about with my friends. Even with my close friends I keep things back and often wait until they ask me to reveal things.
    My sister has a true friend, well until my sister found out that I was dating her true friend. Then things got messy. Now that girl is my ex and just her friend that she might see at school.


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  • You are not strange. Most people find it hard to form strong bonds with other people. Some of them call "friends" people they merely hang out with. If you want to make friends, you need to make new connections with people.


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