Can I move on without closure?

I'm not sure what I need...

I feel like my head is going to explode...

I'm in love with a coworker, I have no closure, I don't know how she feels, and she doesn't want to talk about things with me...

It's Valentines day coming up, I think my love is going on a Valentines day trip with a new guy she is dating... I'm so alone...

It hurts, I like her, I don't understand why things didn't happen... I have a lot of regrets, a lot of questions and I keep seeking more information maybe for closure but I'm getting no where...

I'm only getting a anxiety and panic attacks...

I constantly wonder what she is doing, how she feels...

I feel like crap, I wish I was good enough for her.


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  • distract yourself. so you don't think about her. it helps. because we all hate closure but we don't always get it. accepting the fact that you might not get it is the first step. after that try to move on with life

    • I'm trying... but I keep getting reminded of her... I think about her :(

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    • I guess that's what I'm seeking... Closure or Proof that it's better this way :(

    • Yeah it's hard but with the right mindset you can do it

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  • I just went through something exactly like this... So, I'm kinda still in love with him. I told him I liked him, which definitely gave me some closure. We're really good friends and we still are close now... just tell her how you feel

    • We work together, so I think I have to wait till I quit :(

  • What you need is to tell her the truth and not hide your feelings from her any longer. That's the only way you can get real closure. Don't be afraid if she says that she doesn't feel the same at least you got it out and you know where you stand instead of wondering what she might feel.

    • Are you the same anon?

      Maybe when I quit my job I will :(

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    • I tried talking to her...

    • Trying doesn't work here. Just do it

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  • Just beat off


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