What does a guy get from leading a girl on?

This guy I like texts me every now and then he makes no effort it's always a blunt conversation. He always starts with something like :"Hey! Long time no talk how've you been?" I reply... and he doesn't keep the conversation going. Recently he texted me didn't reply and put me on read. (He's always the one to text me first) why is he doing this? What's the point of texting someone and then not replying? Is he leading me on do you think he's a fuckboy? If so what does he get from leading me on?


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  • He can get laid fromit

    • It's weird because one time he texted saying "do you think you're a booty call or something?" (Because I was being suspicious) I said no and he replied "good because I don't see you like that".

      I'm just confused with his recent texts.. like why leave me hanging?

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