Guys, Do guys dare talk about weddings (generally) to woman whom they are dating with? Or do they totally avoid that topic?

So this guy I'm dating who's like my bestfriend as well. We were talking about something, and he mentioned that he thinks I'll be chosen to be a bridesmaid for this girlfriend of mine. Then we started talking about our experiences with being bridesmaid and groomsman. How I hate it, and how he loves it and he thinks its all necessary etc etc. Then today, we were talking about an upcoming wedding of my friend's, and he started talking to me about what he found out about wedding costs and catering and etc. So I went smth like "It's crazy isn't it that cost?" And he went, "Well, it's normal I think." etc

My question is, would a guy even dare to broach this topic while you're dating? Or it's normal. Or would you make an effort to avoid marriage-related topics.


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  • im a Christian (putting my bias out there) when dating at around the 3ed date I explain the only reason I date is to find a wife and that im looking for certain traits and that i have boundaries and what are hers... after that point in a relationship if they talk about marriage I see it as a good thing the ideal wedding has been brought up on a couple of occasions and i loved it learned a lot about them


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