Have you ever had a connection with / been pursued by someone that was "out of your league"? Tell the story?

Not necessarily based on looks but maybe they have their life together in a way that you don't. Maybe they are much more accomplished and driven meanwhile you're still figuring yourself out.


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  • I don't believe in leagues

    • What about an odd match? Like someone who is a college graduate, has an established career, and is very social dating someone who is between jobs, doesn't have a degree and is extremely introverted?

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    • I love that. And I agree. Love should outweigh all of that. I wish more people felt that way

    • I'm a true romantic

  • sort of, but i was her plan B, so i moved on


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  • Yes. I rejected them.
    I don't like feeling inferior to the other person. I am foolishly proud.

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