Friends with my Ex? She said we just friends but even she doesn't know what we are? Ladies help?

1. last night when we was on the phone she was ranting about stuff and ended up saying that she hates that me and her aren't together
2. She gets upset really quick at stuff I say or do a lot easier than other people and she doesn't like it as she told me
3. she keeps joking about me working the corner to have sex with other girls she points out to make her money
4. she wants to stay friends but since we broke up in December we had sex every time we hung out at her place, and she callld me saying she doesn't think our friendship or w/e "this" is is gun na work she said its awkward and it's not the same (we still are friends btw)
5. we talk and text 24/7(she lives 1hr away at college)
6. she plays with my hair holding my nose, talked about my lips being big, she had her hands in my pants to get me to stop hugging her in the car,
7. she calls me her suga daddy
8. She got upset when I joked about messing with other girls she was like what?
9. She told me our touching has to stop but she still breaks the touch barrier and she let me grab her butt
10. I want to ask her to be Valentine's and try to get back with her we basically act like a couple but we only "friends"
11. Like she told me before that she doesn't even know what she wants (I hate that we aren't together) but she wants to stay friends. She never stays friends with her Exboyfriends but she thought it would be different but yet she's still talking to me


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  • That can never work out no matter what anyone says.

    • Exactly I don't know what to do tho cuz I want her back

    • I still want to ask her to be my Valentine's I don't know if she'll say yes

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