Are we dating? Why hasn't we asked me out? Does he like. me?

I've known thi guy for four months we talk everyday since then in person and text. He gives me rides often and he asked me for a date in December we hung out all day after work since we work together, invited him to my house to see a movie then we madeout, I didn't let him go further but he was fine with that, after that he still talked to me all the time, say jokes, stare, send cute selfies, etc. we showed every sign we liked each other. It was a while since we went out so I invited him to eat at a place he has mentioned a lot to me. He agreed and we had a good time.2 weeks later I invite him to my house again, considering he never mentioned anything about sex or coming again to my home, we talk laugh see a movie then makeout n start grinding with clothes on with me on top but we never end up doing the actual thing because we know it's not a good choice to do. everythig is the same we talk like normal and sometimes he will flirt in text n use flirty emojis. But he hasn't invited me out anywhere, I don't know if he will or do anything not even a small gift for Valentine's Day, or ever ask to be my girlfriend. However he agrees with everything I saw and at work everyone says he's a really nice guy and like talking with him. I'm just confused. Even that day he had texted me that things did get out of hand then we joked about some things. After wut happend he said he was flustered. My parents had found out what we were doing and me and him talked about it all day seriously in text n he said he was sorry. we r both in our 20s.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You want him to be your girlfriend? K
    And why does he need to ask? Why don't you? It is the 21st century
    But what do I know that is just my opinion


What Girls Said 2

  • Why don't you ask him out instead? You don't have to wait for him to do it.

  • If I were you I'd make a conversation with him in order to find out whether we are official or not.


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