Girls, Besides fear, why do most women not approach men today. I've discovered approaching is too hard and want to here an honest explaination. Why?


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  • I couldn't PM you so I'll put this here.

    • As a therapist I have to say it sounds like you are suffering from a major depression episode right now. Thing seem really dark and hopeless. It might feel like it is hard to find a foot hold, like you might never climb out.

      A number of you posts have me concerned about your risk for suicide. PLEASE find a therapist to talk to. If you need help I might be able to help point you in the right direction.

      Sometime just having a person that cares about what is best for you and is there to listen can make a difference.

      Your comments about struggling with social connections could indicate autism, though extremely high functioning. A therapist could tell you more, but it means that it's not your fault. You do have work harder at making connections, but it's not impossible and there are tools to help.

  • 1. Because I don't have to. It's not that I think I am entitled to have guys approach me. It's not that at all. It's just that it happens.
    2. Because right now I am happy being single.

    • I dont get approach ever and always have to do that work. Most of the time I've asked out girls I've gotten a no so i decided to give up. Women aren't women anymore and they are too picky. This day and age is only set up for guys who are rich, good looking, or good communicators/socializers. If ur not one of those 3, u die alone. Plus most women are mean when u approach them or blow u off. Guys like me are tired of women who treat us this way. Where do single, attractive, nice, no games, not mean, like being approached and not into rejecting men in a mean way, and dont have unrealistic expectations of men? Why do a lot of women just sit back and let men do all the work, why do women give out fake numbers, not reply back, not give men a chance, blow us off, or say mean comments to us. Im tired of it all and wish u women would listen to us and stop reading COSMO for advice. a lot of men can't get dates, sex easily, make friends easily, or have someone to go out and meet people. I can't :(

    • get dates, sex, or friends. I masterbate too much and very depressed cause i can't connect with people normally. I stay inside a lot cause whats the pt going out to a bar or approaching a girl i find attractive when 99% of the time they are taken or mean about it. I wish u guys were respectful to us like back in the 80s and years past. Women expect too much of us these days and i hate it!!

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