Why am I always a rebound?

Every time I date someone I always end up being a rebound finding out about the "ex" every woman in my life has done this too me, I'm starting to give up on dating, I don't know why I'm always this type of guy, i always find out the hard way, I feel I will never meet a woman with baggage. It's unfair, why me? I can't grasp it, it's like women that are suffering a break up go to me, and I have no clue any of this is going on until it's too late. Will I ever get away from these types of women? How will I ever know? I always feel like second place. And I hate it.


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  • I'm sorry that this keeps happening to you. I can't imagine how you'd feel at the moment. You don't deserve to be seen as a rebound. Unfortunately, I'm not sure why girls with the same problem come to you but definitely know that you are not second place! You don't deserve to be a rebound! Be the great guy that you are and when these things happen, just address the situation with the person that you are with and try to work things out. If she really likes you, she won't see you as a rebound, regardless of her situation ! Hope everything goes well in the future! Rooting for you!


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