Is it weird if I give my friends and teachers Valentine's card?

I was going to print out funny Valentine's cards , stick little candy on it , and give it to them on Valentine's day.

Is it weird if I give those to my friends and teachers?
TBH I have this particular teachers that I like (in a teacher-student way, nothing romantic! he's a great teacher in general) so much and I don't want to look like a student obsessed with them,
so I was going to say " I got this for all of my teachers"and give it to them.
Same as my friends.


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  • Friends fine. Teacher no. Even if it's just in fun. Not a good idea

    • Yea.. I was worried about the teacher part, since I'm not in grade 1 anymore also they're male teachers and It would look kinda weird :/

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  • Why not? It's cute and I think they would appreciate it! Maybe you can write a small thank you letter inside. I'm sure they won't get the wrong idea from one card and candy. If it was like a teddy bear and a box of chocolates--maybe, but if it's just one card, i don't think they would think it's weird at all! Go for it girlllll


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  • Last year I printed out communist valentines and gave them to all my co-workers and bosses. If that's acceptable I'm pretty sure your plan is too. Lmao

  • Friends fine, I would avoid giving it to teachers unless you're in elementary school haha


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