Guys, what do you like and hate in a girl?

Sexy, athletic, nerdy, smart, quiet, loud, generous, you name it.

What personality and traits do you like in a girl?
For example, i like it when guys are quiet and doesn't really socialise because im not that. I find it cute when an attractive guy isn't that good at sports because nearly all good looking guys are athletic. I like it when they are academically smart. When they're respectful to teachers, and dont make fun of anyone.

What do you like in their appearance?
For example, i like guys who are taller than me, but not extremely tall like i stand beneath their shoulders.

What do you hate in a girl?
For example, i hate it when guys are too athletic. I hate how he always sits at the very back of the class. I hate it when they get in trouble, skip class. Talk back to teachers, and be careless about grades and school.


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  • Like:
    Friendly attitudes
    Warm personalities
    Good social image
    Respectful and down to earth
    Open mind

    Closed minded

    • Would you like a shy and quiet girl? But she's nice and friendly tho

    • I prefer extroverted kind of girls. But i don't know if you know, but in my world, i don't necessarily sort out people by the traits i adore. Because i believe love just happens. And when you love someone, you love them regardless anything else.
      In honor of that, my own girlfriend is shy and quiet kind of girl. And i have no issue with her. We are nicely in love.

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  • I don't think most people realistically follow their theoretical criteria in real world. Usually whenever most people get asked out by an attractive person, they will give them a chance.


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  • like : everything
    hate : "what's wrong baby?" -- "NOTHING!"... stupid attitude that pisses me off. "you should know what's wrong" ? PLEASE ! If we ask it means we don't fucking know ! If you don't communicate and tell us then don't answer this kind of bullshit

    • What do you mean by "you should know whats wrong"?

      And i agree with "whats wrong baby". That really does get annoying.

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    • Nerdy and geeky like smart?

    • smart yes but i mainly meant someone who's passionate about a subject. For instance : a girl who could talk for hours about The Witcher (books and games)

  • Dislike:
    -Trying to be "one of the guys" too much
    -Trying too hard to be anything
    -Too "feisty" or "bluntly honest", (a. k. a. a bitch)
    -Being trashy in any way, unless for satire

  • I like a woman that will say what's on her mind and doesn't have any resistance in disagreeing with me. Doesn't necessarily have to be athletic but she eats clean foods and knows what her body needs to maintain a light frame. The type that's self sufficient and doesn't necessarily need me to do everything for her. She doesn't stress about two hours worth of makeup but she knows she looks good in whatever she puts on. The type that can do two or three things at once, not because she has to but to challenge herself. I hate it when women say things to test your demeanor. A strong dislike for the ones that take advantage of people over and over again just because, be honest and it saves you time and peace of mind. Not fond of women that want to go out just to be seen, walk with a purpose and don't just act like you're talking on your cell phone.

  • I hate outgoing and loud girls. The girls that I met they get really annoying (not saying all are). I love shy, smart, nice, quiet girls cause with this I know they're not bad people. Well not all the tome

    • Omg same. I hate and like the exact same thing

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