What is your opinion when you discover your free spirited crush , not only intends to marry but is also ' waiting' for sex?

if you had a crush on a young woman who is intelligent very kind open minded free spirited full of life also different knows herself well thinks outside the box follows her own convictions/ path with no indication of being the marrying or even dating type.

then you find out shel ikes you and though she doesn't typically date , she's been considering trying with you if you're interested BUT you also find out s waiting till marriage to have sex.
  • I respect her self awareness, but would not date her; sex is toooooooo important.
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  • I would lose respect for her. I thought she was reasonable.
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  • I would neither gain nor lose respect,. but would not date her.
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  • id love to date her.
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  • other.
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i was never planning on marrying or dating now im reconsidering and im curious what kin of guys i will attract, if i do end up deciding to marry and wait for marriage.


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  • I do get a lot of action but I don't feel emotionally attached to these girls. I had enough sex till now so I can wait till marriage therefore I will date you.!


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  • I'd respect her decisions but she's not the girl for me

  • I'm the one who has no intention of ever marrying. So we'd have a very platonic relationship if we stayed together...

    • yeah i understand... i was never planning on it. not even dating. im reconsidering. and just curious :)

    • I'm down for committed long term relationship and having a family just not marriage.

    • hmm yeah i guess im waiting marriage as a euphemism for long term love union. its not about contracts or property for me.

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