What reason did you consciously decide not to date for a long while?

  • I didn't feel like I was physically attractive enough at the time
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  • I didn't feel like I could afford to
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  • My living situation was not ideal (i. e. lived with parents)
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  • Still not over an ex
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  • Too busy with work or school to commit to anyone
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  • I was dealing with physical or mental illness
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  • I can't go more than 6 months, I really do need to take a year off to allow myself time to heal so I don't bring past hurts into new relationships but I just never seem to make it that long.


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  • I turn into a terrible person when I get involved in a relationship. I am very demanding.


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  • Relationships are not a priority of mine. If it happens it happens but it's not something I necessarily look for.

  • prove to myself im strong. i was intentionally single till now, until i met someone that made that seem wasteful.