Good at being single?

All of my friends have moved on and have either settled down or ARE settling down. There are times when I tell myself that I want to find someone BUT, here's the catch. I'm a bit of a smart ass and a lot of people don't like that. I enjoy flirting with women, but I just can't stop myself from letting my humor take control and ruining things. I want to date but i also don't want to change my personality. I'm not going back to being a nice person again


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  • You will find a girl who is like you and who likes your humor. My problem is kinda the same at some point. I like to flirt and then when things get serious, I can't go on. If you don't feel like changing your personality, then don't.

    • I think you're the first person to tell me not to change. And I respect you for that because I've been saying the same thing to myself and others

    • I am glad I helped.

    • No problem. At least I don't have to call you a moron like a lot of the other people on here

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