Does she just like the attention or playing games?

I went out kissed her. She didn't pull away nor kissed me back. Then we talked and she said she doesn't know why she did that. I feel like she acts like she doesn't give a fuck about me, acting weird. So I told her to fuck off.


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  • May be she felt it wasn't the right moment and time, perhaps she wanted to keep talking to you before kissing. Not info to determine if she's playing games or not, it just sounds she was unsure about the kiss. You could have acted a bit differently, instead of telling her to eff you could say hey how do you feel about me.

    • Maybe Yeah, but she shrug her shoulders like it's Nothing when I try to talk

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  • What if she wasn't expecting it and didn't know how to react so she froze? There is not much to work on anymore as you didn't even try to understand her and threw her away like a used tissue.

    • I tried to, but when I talk to her about it she shrug her shoulders.

    • That might be because she is ashamed of the reason.
      Let's say you are scared to death by roller coasters and your new girlfriend really likes them and she wants you to go with her for a ride. You'll say something like "nah, it's boring", "I don't like it", "it's for babies", whatever. Anything but the truth. It's a normal reaction to shame. This is what might have happened. She didn't know how to react or maybe she's never been kissed or whatever. Something happened that made her react in a weird way and she is ashamed to say why. She is probably ashamed enough to ruin the relationship you might have had before she'll reveal the truth. There is a ton of things we don't know here. Maybe if you hadn't reacted in such a way, you could have talked to her and gain her trust enough that she might have opened up to you. I don't think it's going to happen now though. See it more as an advice for your next relationships.

    • When people react in a weird way, don't judge them. They have a reason to react that way. They won't tell you why and might even choose to sacrifice their relationship with you to keep the secret. If you get to know them and make them comfortable enough, they might, one day, tell you why. This day though, they won't have to tell you, you'll know already because you have got to know them.

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  • I think she thinks she made a mistake in kissing you tbh

  • good for you dude girls who are players do that to string you along and the people who really care bout the person get hurt
    believe me when i say I've been there i still cry sometimes


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