How to move on after being on kissing terms with the girl I adore?

Recently I have been facing the following dilemma. I met this amazing girl that totally blew me away. The feeling so far appeared to be mutual as the girl was giving me strong signals that she wanted to date. Dates have always been wonderful (I am quite sure also in her opinion, she keeps talking about how nice I am). Our first kiss was amazing, we were at my place the whole evening and afterwards she got a taxi to go home. She was already in the taxi and I was waiting to wave her good-bye, when she went out of the car again and told me that she told the taxi driver to wait because she just wanted to kiss me (and she went on and gave me the most amazing kiss I ever got in my life).

Since then however I don't really know what to do. We keep dating as before, it keeps being wonderful and we are kissing more and more. I do however feel sometimes that her feelings are not as strong as mine. I make it no secret how much I am passionate about her, and I feel she appreciates that, but she doesn't return the compliments as much. Also, she has a busy job so we cannot see each other so often, which she seems more comfortable with than me. She also doesn't seem to be giving the signal that she wants more than just kissing. At the same time however she keeps writing me really sweet messages about how much she likes me.

What I would like the most is to get to the point that we can be in a relationship as soon as possible so that I can be fully open and comfortable with this amazing woman and also wouldn't have to worry anymore about her not caring or giving up on me. My question is first of all what the recommended way is to get there. Do you think I should be more outspoken with my love for her, or rather play the game of also being more passive and giving less compliments? Also, I would really like to get an understanding of why she is doing this. Does she really not care as much for me as I do for her, is she playing a game, or does she really care but is she simply busy?


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  • It sounds like she likes you but is taking it slow

    • Thank you for your response! :) It seems like that, and I am notorious for being impatient, so maybe I just want too much too quick ;). What makes me doubt the most is that she doesn't seem especially motivated to make time for me to see me more often than 1 or 2 times a week. I don't know whether to interpret that in a way that she doesn't care so much, or whether she is defending her space. If it were up to me I would happily make a lot more space for her in my also busy agenda.

    • She could be busy..

    • She is, but so am I. We both have very busy jobs so in that sense we fit together very well. To be honest, what made me doubt most was what happened today. We had another wonderful date on Thursday and she said she would try to free up Saturday to meet again. Most of Friday and early Saturday I didn´t hear from her though, and only today around 12 today she wrote me that she is unfortunately not going to make it. When I told her that it´s no problem she responded very sweetly again, but what made me doubt is that if it would have been the other way around I would have definitely thought of letting her know much more in advance. Maybe I´m just overanalyzing though ;)

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